Where is the Central Government Portal and what can I expect from e-Citizens?

The need for accelerated digital transformation of society where the government provides personalised, fast and efficient services required the redesign and also rebranding of e-Citizens.

The e-Citizens digital platform is no longer only a register of electronic services, but with this redesign it becomes the central point of the Croatian Government and its state and public bodies where citizens exercise all their rights by using their digital identity, while being guaranteed the highest level of security.

The redesigned system does not yet have all the features of two-way communication between the citizen and the government, but it is undoubtedly the direction in which we are developing the system. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that we need to strengthen the capacity of the state and public administration, so that our citizens can exercise all their rights even when that is difficult to achieve through physical presence.

We are currently working on making additional improvements to the accessibility rules, user box functionalities, business services, and many other aspects of the system that we will soon introduce. Considering that our goal is the satisfaction of the system users, we invite all interested parties to use the form for reporting difficulties in use and/or send ideas for improving the system. All your comments will directly contribute to designing solutions for further upgrading of the system.