The e-Register Book will be unavailable until 8 January 2023

The system is being upgraded, and the works are expected to last until the afternoon hours of 8 January

We are now in the first part of the winter holidays, and those who wanted to access the e-Register Book in order to recall their grades achieved in the first term, will not be able to do so today.
More precisely, the system is being upgraded. The works are expected to last until 6 p.m. on 8 January.

In addition to the e-Register Book for pupils and parents and the mobile app, infrastructure works are also carried out on the e-Register Book for teachers.
CARNET also notes that they provided information about the upgrade via a distribution list, and the users were informed about the period in which the system would not be available due to the upgrade via the notification system in the e-Register Book.

The works to be carried out relate to system maintenance and reallocation of required resources. This will increase the available resources for the entire e-Register Book system in order to ensure stable operation of the e-Register Book for teachers, e-Register Book for pupils and parents, and the mobile app in the periods at the beginning and the end of the school year.