Printing of pupil status certificates now possible from the e-Register Book

From now on, you can download and print pupil status certificates from the e-Register Book application

This e-Service enables issuance of certificates on the current educational status to pupils of primary and secondary schools.

Use the AAI identity (for pupils, this is the data you use to access the e-Register Book) or credentials for the e-Citizens system to log in (parents can log in using ePass username and password, bank tokens or mobile apps, smart cards, an electronic ID card – eOI, etc.).

In the menu on the right-hand side, the user can now find, along with other data, a new section Print certificates. After selecting the said section, an interface will appear, where the name of the pupil can be entered and the purpose of obtaining the certificate can be selected (from the drop-down menu).

A certificate can be generated to prove that a pupil is enrolled in a certain study programme and class in the current school year; i.e. that they have the status of a full-time pupil. For example, you can obtain a certificate for the following purposes:
  • To exercise the right to school transport
  • To exercise the right to child allowance
  • To apply for a place in a dorm
  • To apply for a scholarship
  • To exercise the right to social assistance
  • Other purposes.
The certificates are saved in the My Certificates folder and can be retrieved from there.
This certificate is valid in its digital as well as in its printed format for up to 3 months.