How can EU, third country nationals and digital nomads in Croatia use e-Citizens?

Find out which steps all foreign nationals with residence in Croatia, should take to start using the e-Citizens digital platform

If you are a foreign national (EU, non-EU or a digital nomad) and have temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia, you may use the e-Citizens digital platform just like any Croatian national.
How do I log into e-Citizens?
You can log into the e-Citizens system using your digital credentials, i.e., a means you use to confirm your electronic identity. It is very likely that you already own one of the credentials, but you may not be aware of this. If you use internet banking services, if you are employed by a health institution or higher education institution, if you are a student or a user of some business certificate, then you already have one of the valid credentials and may start using the e-Citizens system. Check out credentials on the list of accepted digital credentials and select one to start using the platform.
How do security levels affect the way I use the system?
Public e-Services and digital credentials are both classified according to levels of security.
Third-country nationals residing in the Republic of Croatia may access services of low (1) level of security, significant (2) and high (3) level of security. If you want to access all available services, use the high security level credentials. If you want to access services of significant and low level of security, you can use the significant security level credentials. If you need a service which is of low level of security it is enough to use a low level credential.
What if I do not own any of the credentials?
In case you do not own any of the credentials, you can request a free-of-charge issuance of an mToken credential (significant (2) security level) or an ePASS credential (low (1) security level). ePASS an  mToken can be obtained through an application process in person at one of the FINA offices.
Now that I have obtained a digital credential, how do I continue?
There are four simple steps to log into the e-Citizens system:
  1. Click on the log in button in the upper right corner of this page.
  2. Allow the system to use and exchange personal information.
  3. Select the credential you want to use. When using the system for the first time, you must accept its Terms of Use.
  4. Activate your user inbox. We advise you to activate it in order to receive notifications related to the services you use, e.g., a reminder to renew your vehicle registration. Read more at What is a user inbox and how do I activate it?
You are ready to use the system!
Check out our catalogue of services and information to see what the system has to offer.