Get student status certificates from e-Dnevnik

E-service enables issuance of certificates of current educational status for primary and secondary school pupils

The certificate can be generated from the e-Dnevnik for the purpose of proving that the pupil has the status of a regular pupil in the current school year.

Such confirmation shall be required for:
  • exercise of the right to student transport (certificate)
  • exercise of the right to child allowance
  • accommodation in the student dormitory
  • scholarship
  • exercise of the right to social assistance
  • exercise of other rights for which a certificate of student status is required.
Students can log on to the e-Dnevnik with their AAI identity, and parents can log on with their access credentials to e-citizens (ePASS/mToken, electronic identity card – eOI, bank tokens, etc.).

The certificate Print section is visible in the e-service to the user, in the menu on the right. The selected section opens an interface where the name of the student and the purpose of obtaining the certificate are selected (in the drop-down menu).
Certificates are saved to My certificates folder and can be retrieved from there again.

This certificate is valid in digital form as well as printed document up to 3 months after the generation from the e-Dnevnik.