Program of support to strategic projects of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Connecting with Croatians in BH, supporting them in repatriating to and remaining in BH, as well as upholding their equality is of strategic interest to the Republic of Croatia

One of possible ways to achieve this is by financing educational, cultural, and scientific and health programs and projects of special interest to Croatians in BH.
The Central State Office for Croats Abroad annually publishes public calls for applications for funding of programs and projects of special significance to improving the quality of life of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Regarding the terms and criteria of calls for applications, it should be noted that what is evaluated is the relevance of programs and projects in relation to supplementing and extending the fulfilment of general and public needs of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in relation to the long-term welfare of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Larger, strategically important projects—schools, hospitals, healthcare centres, dorms and nursing homes, infrastructure projects, as well as projects which enable creation of new jobs are supported. Programs and projects that are carried out in partnership with the local community are also given precedence in provision of financial support. Moreover, when adopting proposals for provision of support, its geographical coverage of the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina inhabited by Croatians is also taken into account.
To be eligible for financial support, interested legal persons have to be registered and existing in Bosnia and Herzegovina for at least 2 years.

More detailed information about the program can be found on the website of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad, any information can also be requested via e-mail