Position and status of Croatian emigrants and their descendants

The reasons for emigration from Croatia varied throughout history, but were mostly economic and political in nature. The specificity of the Croatian diaspora is reflected in the fact that first-generation emigrants show a great interest in the developments in their homeland, while younger generations are mostly integrated in their countries of residence, yet usually also show interest for their Croatian heritage

The Croatian diaspora is comprised of Croatian emigrants and their descendants who live overseas and in European countries. Pursuant to the data collected by Croatian diplomatic missions and consular offices, Croatian Roman Catholic missions, censuses carried out in the countries of emigrants’ residence and estimates of the Croatian diaspora communities, it is estimated that around 3,200,000 Croatian emigrants and their descendants live outside Croatia. 

The Croatian diaspora heavily contributes to the economic, cultural, scientific and educational cooperation with the Republic of Croatia, and the Croatian diaspora communities devote considerable efforts into implementation of and participation in numerous projects, thereby nurturing the Croatian national identity and continually contributing to its preservation.

The Government of the Republic of Croatia formed the Council for the Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia as an advisory body of the Government of the Republic of Croatia which helps it draw up and implement policies, activities and programs aimed at Croatians living abroad, and 29 members of the Council are representatives of the Croatian diaspora.