How to invest in Croatia?

All domestic and foreign companies operate under equal conditions. A foreign investor may establish or participate in establishing a company and may acquire rights and/or obligations under the same conditions as any domestic investor

Foreign investors, with their registered office or residence in a country that is not a member of the WTO, should satisfy the condition of reciprocity.
There have been 13 global value chains identified which represent an opportunity for specialization in and attracting investments to the Republic of Croatia. Strategic segmentation and action plans have been developed for each of these 13 strategic sub-areas, or 13 industries, in order for the business sector to focus on those assessed to be globally competitive and profitable segments of the economy. These are biopharmaceutics, healthcare services, sustainable food production and processing, intelligent transportation systems and information and communication technology.

The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia stipulates several guarantees for foreign investors. In particular, it stipulates that all rights acquired by investing capital will not be limited by law or other legal act, and that foreign investors are guaranteed free transfer and repatriation of profits and invested capital.

Direct foreign investments are an important factor in fostering competitiveness and represent a driver for entry into global value chains, whereby investors and their investments can provide specialized knowledge and technologies and help Croatian industry in adaptation.

A foreign person who wishes to acquire ownership of real estate in Croatia has the right to do so only if there is a mutual possibility for Croatian persons to do the same in the foreign person’s country. This restriction does not relate to citizens and legal persons from European Union member states. Such persons acquire the right of ownership of real property under the preconditions valid for exercising property rights by citizens of the Republic of Croatia and legal persons with registered office in the Republic of Croatia, except on exempted properties, i.e. on agricultural land determined by special law and protected areas according to a special act. A foreign investor may establish a company in Croatia which, as a domestic legal entity, may acquire property without restrictions.

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You can find the information about EU grants and all open calls for applications on the eFunds Homepage(

You do not have to be a Croatian citizen to apply to the aforementioned calls for applications. In order to apply to a call for applications, you are not required to have a regulated place of residence in Croatia. However, if you win, you need to regulate your residence:

“An applicant who is not established in the Republic of Croatia at the moment of submission of their project proposal has to meet all of the eligibility criteria of the Call and prove this by providing the documents required by this Call and equivalent documents in accordance with the legislation of the country where the applicant is established. Moreover, an applicant who is not established in the Republic of Croatia at the moment of submission of their project proposal should become established in the Republic of Croatia no later than the moment of support payment.”