How can EU nationals, living in their respective countries, use e-Citizens?

Find out which steps EU nationals, living in their respective countries, have to take in order to use services in the e-Citizens digital platform

If you are an EU national, you can become an e-Citizen by using your national digital credentials accepted in the EU cross-border identification system. Please contact your national body to check the list of available digital credentials.
4-step process of logging in to the service:
  1. Select the service you want to use
  2. Click on Login
  3. From a drop-down menu, choose your country in order to select your national credential for identification. If your country is not listed on the drop-down menu, this means that the cross-border identification for your country is not available in the Republic of Croatia
  4. Enter your national credential information. After you have been successfully identified, you can start using the service that Croatia offers to EU citizens.
On the web-page Foreign nationals in Croatia you can filter the services intended for EU nationals in the catalogue of services according to areas and levels of security.
How is it that EU nationals have access to the e-Citizens digital platform of the Republic of Croatia? 
Since 2016, at the EU level, the so-called eIDAS Regulation has been in force, aimed at removing obstacles to the cross-border use of means to confirm the electronic identity of citizens of member states. The Regulation seeks, inter alia, to enable European citizens to use e-services in a safe manner by using their national credentials, thus bringing Europe closer to the goal of a digital single market. In 2017, Croatia enabled cross-border authentication, which provided for the use of Croatian public e-services by foreigners. The system is constantly being upgraded with new services available to citizens of the European Union.