Finding a place to stay and live

Find a place to stay in advance

If you do not own real property in Croatian, it is recommended that you find a place to stay before you arrive, even for the first few days in the country.
Keep in mind the advice from the article First steps in Croatia regarding registration of permanent/temporary residence in a police administration/station in the Republic of Croatia in your place of stay/residence.   
Renting a place to stay
There are many options when you are looking for a place to stay. You can rent a house, apartment, house apartment or a room depending on your needs and your budget. A written tenancy agreement determines the rent amount, other rights and obligations and the notice period A tenancy agreement is a document you will need when registering permanent/temporary residence, obtaining an identity card and/or applying for temporary stay of your family members whose stay in Croatia is regulated pursuant to the Foreigners Act.
Purchasing real property
If you are considering purchasing a house or an apartment, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the prices on the real property market in Croatia, procedure of sale and purchase of a house/apartment, title registration, costs and tax obligations. When purchasing a house or an apartment, make sure to thoroughly check the documentation—its extract from the land registry, building permit or other appropriate building document, certificate of occupancy and its energy performance certificate.
For further information about purchasing real estate and about state measures of assistance to young people and families in the form of subsidised housing loans and state-subsidised housing construction, read the article Purchase, sale and rental of real property