Exercising your right to pension

An overview of the pension qualifying conditions for the exercise of the right to pension in the Republic of Croatia pursuant to the Pension Insurance Act is presented in the press publication available in Croatian, English, German, Spanish and Italian

Pensions according to EU regulations and international social security agreements

EU regulations on the coordination of the social security systems and international social security agreements protect the rights of Croatian citizens employed or residing abroad as well as of their family members. Accordingly, they acquire the rights deriving from their work or their insurance abroad as well as the appropriate forms of social security.
The Republic of Croatia, as a member state of the European Union, applies EU regulations on the coordination of social security systems with the member states of the European Union, countries of the European Economic Area (Island, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the Swiss Confederation.

The Republic of Croatia also applies international social security agreements with Australia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Canada, the Canadian province of Quebec, North Macedonia, Serbia (i.e. the FR of Yugoslavia—the agreement applies until the date of conclusion of a new social security agreement with Serbia), Turkey and Korea.

The rights and entitlements to the benefits from the Croatian pension insurance are subject to the regulations on the pension insurance in force in the Republic of Croatia.

If you require any information, you can request it directly, via the Ask a question section of the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute's website.