14 services are available to parents on the e-Citizens portal

14 services are available on the e-Citizens portal for parents who can use them on behalf of their underage child

The e-Authorization system allows for the electronic identification of legal representatives, i.e. parents in this case. This system allows parents to use e-services on behalf of their underage children.
Parents can use these services on behalf of their underage children after logging in to the e-Citizens Information and Services portal by clicking Login on the red navigation bar. The services that parents can use on behalf of their underage children require the following minimum levels of security, depending on the type of service: By clicking on the arrow next to the user’s name in the lower right corner of the red navigation bar, the parents can open a window with the Change subject option. After clicking on the Change subject option, the service will offer names of the user’s children. By selecting the child’s name, a new window opens, showing the child’s name in the lower right corner of the red navigation bar. The parent can now begin to use the service on behalf of their child.
Services which parents can use on behalf of their underage child: The service enables users to obtain electronic certificates from the Register of Persons with Disabilities for the purpose of employment, certificates for the purpose of loan subsidisation, and certificates of registration from the Croatian Register of Persons with Disabilities. The service enables the insured to view information on selected primary care physicians according to their specialty: primary care/family medicine, dental health care, gynaecology or paediatrics. The insured can use this service to access information on dispensed prescriptions for which invoices have been issued to the Croatian Health Insurance Fund in the past six months. Persons insured with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund service can access information on pending appointments for medical procedures in healthcare institutions through this service, as well as the status of requests for cancelling appointments. Search for available appointments is also supported. The service allows the persons insured with the CHIF to submit an application for the issuance of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which allows the insured to use emergency healthcare services required for medical reasons at the contracting physician during their temporary stay in another EU country. Register of Personal Identification Numbers – PINs – is a unique record containing continuously updated personal information. The service allows you to download electronic records of your personal data stored in the database. The service enables you to download an electronic certificate of citizenship, birth certificate, marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate or an excerpt from the birth register. The service enables individuals with an electronic identity card to apply for a passport and pay for all charges and fees linked with the passport issuing procedure online. The services enable users to obtain electronic records from official records of the Ministry of the Interior: certificate of permanent residence, certificate of temporary residence and the certificate of road vehicle ownership. Ministry of the Interior e-Services also enable parents to obtain electronic records for their underage child. The service enables Croatian citizens to register temporary residence, landlords to issue their consent for registering temporary residence of another person at the address of the flat/house under their ownership and to generate and print out the Landlord’s Consent Form for the registration of temporary residence, which the landlord who is unable to sign electronically signs by hand. At the Health Portal you can review previous visits to primary care physicians, specialist findings/hospital discharge letters, information on medication/therapy, laboratory results from primary care laboratories, selected physicians, and appointments for specialist examinations. You can also renew your medication prescriptions at the Portal. Also, the Portal provides the option to make an appointment for vaccination, view vaccination information and the results from SARS-COV-2 testing. The service enables persons with disabilities to be granted privileged transport in regular public maritime traffic. The service enables citizens of Croatia to issue a digital certificate on vaccination, testing and recovery for natural persons during the COVID-19 epidemic. Submission of information on administrative cases of bodies integrated into the APA IT system. The service is available to citizens and business entities as natural and business users and provides information on activities and the course of the proceedings initiated by the user or to which the user as a party or a person with representation authority (legal representatives, temporary representatives, joint representatives and proxies).