Second generation electronic identity cards

Identity cards are electronic public documents used for proving your identity, Croatian citizenship, sex, date of birth, and place of permanent residence in Croatia

The new generation of ID cards brings the following updates:
  • A facial image and two fingerprints are stored in the ID card, for additional security.
  • The new ID card contains two certificates: an identification certificate, used for electronic identity verification and authentication when accessing electronic services; and a signature certificate, which supports a qualified electronic signature and replaces a handwritten signature, in accordance with the law regulating electronic signatures.
  • The ID card can still be used for entering EU Member States and states with which agreements have been signed on border-crossing by using an identity card instead of a passport; however, biometric data are a prerequisite for the new ID cards to be also used for a faster crossing through automated border control (where you can cross the border by using an ID card), where until now you could cross with passports only.
  • A free mobile app provides access to all e-services through mobile devices.
  • The new ID card is linked to a health insurance card and it can be used for identification at your doctor’s office.
  • Children and young people of up to 18 years of age with permanent residence in Croatia who are being issued their first ID card, can get it free of charge in the regular issuing procedure (issuing within 30 days of application).
  • The ID card and the certificate are valid for 5 years.
After picking up your new ID card, you can activate it at eIDCard in three steps:
  1. Log in to the portal and change the initial password.
  2. Download the free software package and the instructions for activating the electronic segment of the ID card.
  3. Activate the electronic segment of the ID card and change the initial PIN.
After activation, you will be able to activate the mobile device solution. The Mobile.ID mobile app is actually a digital credential of the highest level of security, providing each person who activates their eID card in Croatia with a mobile identity and the optional access to all available e-services through their mobile devices.
If you activated the software solution for mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) and you have been issued a signature certificate for your ID card, you also have the right to a remote personal qualified signature certificate, i.e. the ability to digitally sign documents by using your mobile devices.
ID cards with unlimited validity issued for people over 65 years of age are now being issued with a validity period of 40 years for people of 70 years of age, who can still get an ID card with or without certificates.