Programs of support to the Croatian diaspora communities

Receive support from the Central State Office for Croats Abroad to successfully implement your projects

The aim of this activity is to preserve the Croatian language, culture and identity and promote cooperation with Croatian emigrants and their associations in their countries of residence. Provision of support to programs and projects of the Croatian diaspora promotes cultural, scientific, economic, sports and other types of cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and Croatians living abroad. It should be noted that these activities are designed specifically to support the specific needs and activities of the Croatian diaspora communities in the areas where it is important to preserve and nurture the Croatian national identity, and especially in the areas of culture and education.  

Funding of programs and projects of the Croatian diaspora organisations strengthens Croatian communities abroad and their position and role in their countries of residence and includes them in the social and political life of the Republic of Croatia. 

Eligible to respond to the  call for applications are the Croatian diaspora organisations (associations, foundations, institutions and other organisations) from all European and overseas countries which carry out activities being funded and which promote beliefs and goals not contrary to the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Croatia or the legal system of their country of residence and which have been entered in the register or other record of organisations in their country of residence and are a legal person.

More detailed information about the call for applications and the procedure, terms and criteria for award of financial support can be found on the website of the Central State Office for Croats Abroad.

For further information please contact us directly via e-mail