Actively and systematically seeking work

Start by researching vacancies

You can find the information in the branch offices or local offices of the Croatian Employment Service (CES) or by simply researching vacancies published on the Labour market portal, which is intended for persons seeking work.
Taking into account the specific needs of its clients, with the aim of encouraging employment, the Croatian Employment Service is implementing Active employment policy measures.

In cooperation with the Central State Office for Croats Abroad on the active employment policy measures, Croatian repatriates were recognised as one of the target groups. Moreover, with the measure of on-the-job training of Croatian repatriates/immigrants from the Croatian diaspora, employers are offered support for training of repatriates from the Croatian diaspora, descendants of Croatian emigrants and family members who do not have Croatian as their first language or do not speak it at all.
If you register with the CES, your advisor will help you find a job and inform you of other procedures you might have to follow in relation to the recognition of foreign education qualifications, professional specialization and professional examinations for the purpose of finding employment.

Find out more about registering as an unemployed person on the website of the Croatian Employment Service.