Why wait in a line when you can do it online

Citizens do not have to visit the Tax Administration in person and wait in a line. With the help of the e-Tax Administration system, they can use the Tax Administration’s e-services quickly and easily, at any time and any place, without any duties and postage fees

Taxpayers can visit the e-Tax Administration via the single Tax Administration portal.

Single sign-on to access the e-Tax Administration and quickly and easily manage and assign authorisation

The e-Tax Administration system enables single sign-on regardless of whether the user is a citizen, natural person or business entity. In order to log in, you do not need to have any digital certificates; you can log in to the system with any credential provided by NIAS (National Identification and Authentication System).

With the help of the app itself, citizens can update their authorisations by logging in to the system with the lowest safety level credential without any additional costs, documents or having to visit the Tax Administration in person. Via the app, citizens can manage their authorisations; that is, they can assign authorisations and thus authorise (give a power-of-attorney to) someone else to use the e-Tax Administration services on their behalf.

Quick and easy payment of tax with the help of a barcode

This service allows you to quickly, easily and accurately pay all tax liabilities by using payment mobile apps created by payment service providers offering this service.
The service mentioned is available within the functionality “Tax accounting card”; after you select “Balance as of”, the e-Tax accounting card (ePKK) will open, showing types of income and enabling the user to generate payment information with a barcode for each type of income, with the option of changing the payment amount. Barcode payment is enabled even for those types of income for which no debt is recorded; by selecting the type and amount of payment, payment information and a barcode will be generated. The generated payment information with a barcode can be printed out or saved in PDF format.