Imports of plants and plant products in passengers' per-sonal luggage

Imports of plants and plant products from third countries is subject to prohibitions and restrictions on import, in accordance with a special European Union (EU) regulations adopted to protect plants in the EU and keep them healthy

Export and import of cultural goods

Items considered as cultural goods will not be taken out of the country without a special licence issued by conservatory departments

Bringing weapons into and out of Member States of the European Union

For the purpose of hunting or target shooting competitions in the Member States of the European Union, in addition to a weapons licence, you will require a European Firearms Pass

Bringing weapons and ammunition into the Republic of Croatia and taking weapons and ammunition into third countries

You are obliged to declare your weapons and ammunition to the border police upon crossing the national border. Undeclared weapons and ammunition will be confiscated by the police and stored until the end of the procedure

Enter Croatia

The new website launched by the Ministry of the Interior with the aim of reducing the waiting time to cross the border and ease congestion, allows for an easy entry of data

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