Support to strategic institutions of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Provision of support to cultural, educational and scientific institutions of special interest to Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina strengthens and encourages Croatians in their efforts to sustainably remain in that country and supports and preserves their national identity

Provision of support to the University of Mostar is an investment in education and science—the foundation and driving force of any country’s social and economic development—and enhances Croatians’ intellectual potential, encourages Croatians, especially younger generations, to remain in the country and contributes to the long-term presence of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ultimate goal is for the University of Mostar to become one of the key drivers of the economy and sustainable development, which at the same times promotes and works on the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the community in which it originated. Moreover, this will also promote the development of science, curriculums, professional papers and development programs in scientific activities and higher education, aid student and teacher mobility and increase international competitiveness of scientific, academic and professional papers as well as of artistic work.
Support to the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar—one of the most important Croatian cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina is provided with the aim to preserve and nurture the Croatian national identity, endorse the Croatian language, culture of theatre and tradition of drama. Since it is a theatre of all Croatians in BH, notwithstanding where in BH they live, the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar will create new cultural and dramaturgical values aligned with the standards and requirements of the contemporary, European and global, aesthetics of theatre, thus contributing to the promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina across the globe.