Support for projects of island-based associations

Associations registered on Croatian islands can (co-)finance their projects with grants from the state budget

The Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds awards annual grants to island-based associations for projects that bring new ideas, development models and ways to solve existing problems related to the sustainable development of Croatian islands.

Any association registered on a Croatian island, the activities of which contribute to common good, can propose one project in the area of civil society development, culture and arts, science, education and sports, and other in areas related to raising the quality of life in the local community.

Support requirements

Proposals of associations that meet the following requirements are considered:
  • the association is registered (i.e. has its registered office) on a Croatian island, and has been performing its activities on Croatian islands for at least one year before the day of the publication of the call for proposals
  • conducts transparent financial operations in accordance with the regulations on the accounting of non-profit organisations
  • the activities of the association contribute to common good in accordance with the general values enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia
  • the association is active in one of the priority areas of activities listed in the call for proposals, which is evident from the Statute of the association
  • the association has the human and material resources to implement the proposed project
  • the association has an active governing body (assembly, management board) that enforces an effective development policy and administrative control
  • the project proposed by the association is designed to meet the general needs and serve the common good, and not only the professional needs of its members.

Priorities for financing

Priority in providing financial support is given to associations that:
  • involve beneficiaries in project development and monitoring
  • work directly with beneficiaries
  • develop solidarity and cooperation with other associations and partners (state administrative organisations and/or units of local and regional self-government in the territory of which the project is being implemented, other professional institutions and donors)
  • meet several needs in the community through their project
  • include volunteers in their work
  • document the co-financing of the proposed project by the local and/or regional self-government when proposing the project
  • propose a project that is in line with the national strategy/programme in their area of activity.

Call for project proposals

The call for proposals is published by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds, and the call and related forms can be found on its website.