State scholarships for special groups of students

Pursuant to the Ordinance on the Conditions and Manner of Exercising the Right to a State Scholarship for Special Groups of Students (Official Gazette, no. 74/2019), a public tender for the award of state scholarships for special groups of students is published every academic year

The right to a state scholarship can be realised by full-time students Croatian citizens and citizens of a member state of the European Union with registered temporary residence in the Republic of Croatia and full-time students who receive international and temporary protection in accordance with the International Protection and Temporary Protection Act, who are enrolled at the universities in the Republic of Croatia in undergraduate university studies, graduate university studies, integrated undergraduate and graduate university studies, short professional studies, undergraduate professional studies and specialist graduate professional studies under the conditions determined by the said Ordinance.

State scholarship beneficiaries

Students can compete for state scholarships in the following scholarship categories:
Category 1 - full-time students of study programmes for shortage occupations with a special emphasis on shortage teaching study programmes
Category 2 - full-time students with disabilities
Category 3 - full-time students classified as athletes with a valid categorisation
Category 4 - full-time students who, as children, exercised the right to a social accommodation or organised living service
Category 5 - full-time students attending music or art academies in the Republic of Croatia - gifted young artists
Category 6 - full-time students whose parents passed away
Category 7 - full-time students parents. 


Funds for the tender are provided for in the national budget.

The monthly amount of the state scholarship is 159,27 EUR and is paid in nine monthly instalments from October to June.

Award of state scholarships

State scholarships are awarded on the basis of a conducted public tender. The public tender for the award of state scholarships is announced by the Minister no later than 15 October of the current year for that academic year.

The students can submit their application by filling out an electronic form provided by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Students acquire the right to receive a state scholarship after accepting the Scholarship Terms and Conditions. The acceptance of the Scholarship Terms and Conditions is considered an act of concluding a contract regulating the rights and obligations of the Ministry and the student.

The amount of the state scholarship is paid to the giro account of the scholarship beneficiary.