Scam e-mails – Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development / Croatian Health Insurance Institute

Although it may appear legitimate, “” is not the official e-mail address of the e-Citizens system

We hereby warn all recipients of e-mails from the above-mentioned sender that these are scam e-mails and not to open them or click on any links provided in them. The right mentioned in such e-mails does not exist in the Croatian health care system and is therefore fraudulent. We advise you to delete the message and not to reply to it.
In Croatian, the title of the e-mail reads “Službeno potvrđena prijava automatskog zahtjeva za nadoknadu troškova zdravstvene zaštite” (“Officially approved automatic application for reimbursement of health care costs”), while the Croatian e-mail body translates to “We hereby inform you that, in accordance with the general acts of the Croatian Health Insurance Institute (HZZO), a reimbursement of health care costs in the amount of EUR 116.19 was automatically calculated and approved.
The calculation was made on the basis of calculated invoices for healthcare services and your net income in the last year.
For more information, please scan the QR code attached to this email and access your e-Citizens portal with the generated code 927311, which will be valid for the next 48 hours for security purposes.
We emphasise that the code has been generated exclusively for your use and must not be shared with others.
Furthermore, please access the portal within 48 hours to make sure your code remains valid. After that time, the code will be automatically deactivated.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the calculation or payment, please contact us via this e-mail address or the official channels of our website.
Please note that as of 1 March 2023, a new obligation of an application procedure for reimbursement of health care costs has been introduced.
Please upload the invoice to your e-Citizens portal within 3 days of receiving it so that you can exercise your additional right to reimbursement of costs. If you fail to act, your application for reimbursement will be rejected.”
Moreover, a campaign that fraudulently presents itself as the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development promises the approval of applications for energy support assistance (payment of bills for electricity, gas, and other energy sources) in the amount of EUR 211.42.