Sale of real estate owned by the Republic of Croatia

Citizens may need to purchase state-owned land to, for example, complete their small land plot and to build or upgrade their residential building, or to ensure access to their land

The steps and documents necessary to prepare an application for the purchase of land owned by the Republic of Croatia are as follows:
  • land registry extract, including the property's history of ownership
  • property register
  • copy of the cadastral plan
  • certificate on the property’s status within the spatial plan
  • certificate that the property is not subject to the Act on Restitution of Property Expropriated during Yugoslav Communist Rule
  • statement of the company Croatian Forests Ltd. (Hrvatske šume d.o.o.) whether the real estate is located within the Forest Management Plan
  • decision on the as-built state
  • decision on forming the building plot
  • plotting study
  • copy of the ID card, or extract from a court or craft register. The documents may not be older than six months at the moment of submitting an application.

When the application for purchase is accepted, the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets shall issue the Decision on sale. Thereupon, the property purchase and sale agreement is drafted. In the meantime, opinion of the Municipal State Attorney’s Office is obtained.

If there are no obstacles of legal nature, both parties sign the Agreement, which is certified by a notary public. The seller then issues a tabular statement, with which the buyer can register himself/herself in the land registry as the new owner.