Registration of a trademark as an intellectual property

Apply for a national trademark registration now online using the e-Filing service (registration) of the trademark

The trademark is used to distinguish goods or services from other goods of a similar or the same kind in economic transactions and is obtained in most countries by registration with the competent authority, which is with us the State Intellectual property Office.
Therefore, the name, logo, emblem, label or other distinctive features of a person's goods or services can be protected by a trade mark.
A national application for registration may be filed by any natural or legal person, now and via the internet, using the e-application service (registration) of the mark itself or through an industrial property agent, while foreign nationals do so only through an agent.
Standalone e-Filing service (registration) of the trademark greatly facilitates the procedure because it enables the payment of the administrative fee, the electronic signing or the granting of e-authorization for filing the application thanks to the services of the State information infrastructure e-Fee, e-Signature and e-Authorization.

With the e-Fee system, taxpayers can pay prescribed fees and charges, instead of state stamps or payment slip, faster and simpler through their bank cards (for a current account, giro account or credit card) such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and Diners.
Video instructions can be found in the video of the State Intellectual property Office on e-application (registration) of the trademark.