Portal zdravlja (Health Portal) is Mobile-Friendly

Portal zdravlja (The Health Portal) provides Croatian citizens access to a portion of their own healthcare information from the Central Health Information System of the Republic of Croatia (CEZIH), and it is also an e-service that can be used by parents on behalf of their minor children

Once they sign in to the e-Citizens portal using their bank token, mToken or their electronic ID card, users can perform the following actions on the Health Portal:
  • View information on all vaccinations and COVID-19 testing, and make an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination at the desired location and time
  • Display their selected physicians and messages exchanged with their physicians, provided that the physician has activated this option
  • View previous visits to their selected primary care physicians, make and cancel appointments with their primary care physicians, if the physician’s office has provided time slots for appointments and if the physician has activated this option
  • View the prescribed referrals and laboratory results from laboratories in primary healthcare, as well as medical history and discharge paperwork from hospitals or specialist-consultation healthcare institutions
  • View information on medication prescribed by selected primary physicians, as well as information on medication issued at pharmacies, and use the option of sending a request to the selected physician for prescriptions for medication approved for reissuing by the physician
  • View and edit personal contact information, system history settings, consent for the physician’s access to the e-Chart, consent for accessing medical information from other EU member states, view all devices with approved access, and view access to the e-Chart in the application Settings.
There is a particularly interesting function – “Change Subject” – available in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Health Portal, which enables parents and legal guardians to perform all of the above actions for their minor children.
The Health Portal is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The use of the Health Portal is completely optional and patients can decide whether they want to use it or not. For more information please visit the Health Portal homepage, where the applicable Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement are available.