Application mPorezna available for citizens, freelancers and craftsmen

Mobile application mPorezna increases the availability of electronic services of the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration to taxpayers and reduces the cost of fulfilling tax obligations.

Taxpayers who are users of mobile devices can access their data, received messages and tax acts through the mobile application and get important information about their tax liabilities.

Through the application, taxpayers can also see the balance on the tax accounting card, download a 2D barcode for making payments, review the details of submitted forms and requests, check notifications and deadlines for submitting forms through a personalized tax calendar, can apply for an amendment of data on the tax card (PK), an request a debt status certificate, can request to modify the data in the Register of Taxpayers,  informatively calculate salary data through the payroll calculator service, contact the Tax Administration directly and report tax and other violations anonymously.

Also, taxpayers are provided with access to data from the JOPPD form (Report on receipts, income tax and surtax and contributions for compulsory insurance) for the service user, IP1/IP2 insight - insight into salary, pension, contribution, tax and surtax data entering into the annual calculation (accrued and paid receipts) and IP3 insight - insight into salary data,  contributions, taxes and surtaxes that do not enter into the annual calculation.

Functionalities are adapted to work on smaller screens to make the experience of use optimal with the ability to adjust the size of the letters and color of the screen. To use the application, you must log in through the National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS) using one of the recognized credentials of the NIAS system. To log into an application, you need to have a valid NIAS credential of a significant or low level of security: a significant level of security includes for example mToken, Fina  Soft  certificate, token/mtoken devices of banks that are connected to NIAS while the low level of security includes  ePass,  ePošta,  AAI@EduHr  username and password, HT Telekom ID.

The app is available on Android devices running Android operating system version 8 and above, and can be downloaded via Google play store or Appgallery.