Incentives for the Employment of Recovering Addicts

Learn about the available incentives for employing recovering drug addicts

“The project of rehabilitating drug addicts who have completed a rehabilitation and addiction recovery programme in a therapeutic community or prison system, and addicts who are receiving outpatient treatment, practising long-term abstinence and adhering to the prescribed treatment” is a project aimed at encouraging education and the employment of recovering addicts and their reintegration in the society.

As part of the Social Rehabilitation Project, active employment policy measures are being implemented with regard to recovering addicts and are included in the Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of the Active Employment Policy in the Republic of Croatia, which falls under the competence of the Croatian Employment Service (“HZZ”).


Some of the incentives that employers can benefit from are:
  • co-financing of the employment of specific groups of unemployed persons registered with the Croatian Employment Service and those undergoing employment termination
  • financing of the education of specific groups according to the needs of the labour market
  • co-financing of the employment of specific groups in public works programmes
  • informing non-governmental organizations and units of local and regional self-government on the public works incentive, programme development and the establishment of partnership in the implementation of the public works incentive
  • being informed about the possibilities of co-financing the employment of rehabilitated addicts through the Active Employment Policy Measures.

You can find a detailed overview of the Active Employment Policy Measures at the website Active Employment Policy Measures.