e-Enrolment service for easier and faster enrolment in kindergartens

A unique Educational Institutions e-Enrolment service is available on the e-Citizens portal, which enables quick and easy enrolment in the preferred early childhood education and care institution

In this way, complete digitalisation of the enrolment process is ensured not only for citizens, but also for kindergarten staff who are involved in the enrolment process. You will no longer be required to provide various certificates to register your child (such as the child's birth certificate or your employment certificate); the system will obtain this information from the relevant registers of competent state bodies that have issued such certificates at their offices.
Assistance for the use of this system is provided through kindergartens, where parents are assisted by trained staff, and customer support of the education system provided by the project partner CARNET.

A complete list of kindergartens participating in the project, after parent login, is available at the e-service page. The period within which parents may submit an application for enrolment of a child is announced by the kindergartens themselves in the Enrolment call.

Please note that some towns or municipalities also conduct electronic registrations outside this system, and in that case citizens should contact them directly if they have any questions or need assistance. The list of kindergartens that conduct their enrolments in this way will be updated over time.

An example of this is the City of Zagreb, which provided the e-Enrollment in Kindergartens service. You can submit a request from your home to enroll a child in a selected kindergarten founded by the City of Zagreb.
The request for enrollment of a child in a kindergarten is submitted exclusively through the My ZG e-service Portal, on the e-KINDERGARTEN link that will be active from 11 to 24 May 2022.