e-Certificates for pupils

This e-Service enables issuance of certificates on the current educational status to pupils of primary and secondary schools

Are you applying for a scholarship or looking for a summer job via the Pupil Service and need a certificate confirming that you are a pupil? You no longer need to go to the school secretary’s office to obtain it, now you can obtain a digital e-Certificate at the following link.

Use your AAI identity (for pupils, this is the information you use to access the e-Register Book) or credentials for the e-Citizens system to log in (parents can log in via Fina, bank tokens or an electronic ID card – eOI).

There is a dropdown menu where you can select the purpose of the certificate. Certificates issued via this service fully substitute school-issued certificates in all legal affairs; therefore, it is no longer necessary to pick up such a certificate in the school secretary’s office in person.

Certificates can be saved on a computer, sent or printed out, as necessary.

A certificate can be generated to prove that a pupil is enrolled in a certain study programme and class in the current school year, i.e. that they have the status of a full-time pupil. A list of the purposes for which you can generate a certificate is available after you log in to the application. For example, you can generate a certificate for the following purposes:
  • for the pupil to exercise the right of seasonal employment
  • to apply for a place in a dorm
  • for housing
  • for a scholarship
  • to obtain a visa
  • other purposes.
The certificate issuance system obtains pupils’ information from the e-Register database. If you notice any incorrect information (name/surname/date of birth/PIN(OIB)/permanent or temporary residence) on the certificate created, contact the school secretary’s office.

According to the current information, CARNET will probably implement this functionality into the e-Register Book system during July, so pupils and parents will be able to print out certificates from the e-Register Book by school year 2022/2023.