Construction and renovation of houses

Building surveillance by the building inspection of the State Inspectorate

Illegal construction means construction without an official act approving construction, construction contrary to the issued official act and any construction contrary to provisions of the Building Act and regulations adopted on the basis thereof

Before commencing construction or reconstruction of a house

First check the purpose of the land plot in the spatial plan of your municipality or city

Procedure for issuing permissions for performing activities of protecting and preserving cultural goods

The legal regulation for obtaining the permission for performing activities of protecting and preserving cultural goods has been amended

Housing care for citizens whose homes were damaged in the earthquake

Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets covers the rent for a replacement apartment for citizens who were left without a home in the 2020 earthquakes

Building permit

To commence construction, you need a final and effective building permit

Physical Planning Information System – PPIS

Data on space use available in one place through valid spatial plans and issued permits


The “e-Permit” system is a digital system for submitting applications for issuing building and use permits for construction works

Obligations before the commencement of construction works

Before the commencement of construction works, you must submit a notification for the commencement of construction, secure the construction site, and mark it properly

Energy certificate

If you are the owner of a building, prior to the issuing of a use permit for the building, its sale or renting out, you are required to obtain the energy certificate

Use permit

A completed or reconstructed construction work may be used only after the use permit has been issued for that construction work

Registration in the cadastre and land registry

The cadastral office registers a building on the basis of the reviewed and confirmed geodetic survey for registering the construction work in the cadastre or for change of information on buildings, and the final decision issued in the administrative procedure

Assignation of a house number

The Decision on assigning a house number to the building and the Certificate on the house number of the building are issued by the locally competent cadastral office of the State Geodetic Administration, or the City Office for Cadastre and Geodetic Affairs of the City of Zagreb

Possibility of construction without a building permit

Construction works that may be constructed and works performed without an official act approving construction

Maintenance and removal of construction works

The owner of a construction work is responsible for the maintenance of the construction work and shall ensure its maintenance

Legalisation of illegally built buildings

Legal construction increases the safety and value of your property, and allows for good-quality spatial planning of settlements 

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