Child labour

Minors over the age of 15 who do not attend compulsory primary education may be employed only with the authorisation of a parent or guardian

Child labour is prohibited. A person under the age of 15 or a person aged 15 and over and under the age of 18 attending compulsory primary education may not be employed.  

Exceptionally, such children and minors may participate in the making of films, the preparation and performance of works of art, stage and other similar works, to the extent and in workplaces that do not endanger their health, safety, ethics, education or development. Such work requires the approval of a labour inspector. 

Children over the age of 15

A minor aged 15 and over, other than a person attending compulsory primary education, may be employed only with the authorisation of a parent or guardian, and the guardian may grant this authorisation only with the prior approval of the social welfare authority.

Legal capacity

If the legal representative authorises the minor to conclude a certain employment contract, the minor is legally capable of taking all legal actions regarding the fulfilment of the rights and obligations under that contract. You can then enter into and terminate the employment contract yourself, as well as take all other actions related to that contract.

Special protection

As a minor, you enjoy special protection from overtime and night work, as well as working in redistributed or unequal working hours, and the employer shall provide you with at least five weeks of annual leave per year.