Attributing the “Croatian Island Product” designation

The “Croatian Island Product” designation is awarded to producers with registered offices on an island which produce the nominated products on the island, and meet the criteria of excellence, authenticity and tradition

The “Croatian Island Product” designation is awarded by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds to products that meet the criteria of excellence, originality and tradition.

The designation is attributed to categories of food (wine, brandy, liqueurs, olive oil, cheeses, confectionery, fish, pickled salads, jams, honey), cosmetics and clothing products and souvenirs. These are made mainly in small batches and originate from limited island localities.

This year, the “Croatian Island Product” designation was attributed for the 12th time. So far, 297 island producers have received the designation for 971 products and production lines from 24 islands and the Pelješac peninsula.

Designation Attribution Procedure

The “Croatian Island Product” designation is attributed annually, in the form of a plaques and model, to producers with registered offices on an islands and which produce the nominated products on an island. Expert opinion on the fulfilment of conditions and criteria for acquiring the right to use the designation is issued by independent technical committees (for food, beverages, chemical products, applied art and design and intangible heritage).

The proposal of the decision on attributing the “Croatian Island Product” designation is made by the Project Council, and the final decision is made by the Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds.

The Ministry concludes a contract with the holders of the designation for a period of three years, after which the attribution procedure is repeated.

The complete procedure for awarding the label “Croatian island product” is established in the Islands Act and the Ordinance on the Conditions, Criteria and Manner of Attributing the Designation “Croatian Island Product” to Products.

The designation is registered with the State Intellectual Property Office as a guarantee mark.

In addition to the registered mark, the designation used by the Ministry includes the symbol containing, in addition to the trademark, the verbal elements “HRVATSKI OTOČNI PROIZVOD” (Croatian Island Product) in Croatian and English, positioned vertically and horizontally, which constitutes an integral part of the mark.