Apply for entry in the Registry of Croatian Entities Abroad

Being Croatian is being global, so join global Croatia. Access the communication platform for all Croatians living abroad

The Registry of Croatian Entities Abroad is a digital database and a communication network aimed at connecting Croatians all over the world, as well as connecting them to the homeland. 
The Registry enables business, scientific, cultural, sports and other types of cooperation, as well as direct communication between its users and receipt of notifications opportunities to achieve professional and personal objectives.
Simplify networking, start cooperating and find partners. Use this modern e-service and create a record for yourself or for the legal person you are connected with. Start your registration. The Registry is available in Croatian, English, German and Spanish.
It represents a communication network which enables direct communication and networking between registered users for the purpose of easier and efficient achievement of their interests. Thanks to its communication component, this project of the Central State Office is unique because it enables two-way communication and focuses on more opportunities for cooperation.
For further information about registration, login and entry in the Registry please e-mail us at